« When Social Links Are Network Links »

Musiani, F. (2010). When Social Links Are Network Links: the Dawn of Peer-to-Peer Social Networks and Its Implications for Privacy. Observatorio, 4(3): 185-207.

Despite the success they enjoy among Internet users today, social networking tools are currently subject to several controversies, notably concerning the uses their administrators make of users’ private data. Today, many projects and applications propose decentralised alternatives to such services, among which one of the most promising appears to be the construction of the social network on a peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture. This paper addresses and analyses the first steps of applications at the crossroads between social networks and P2P networks. More specifically, it discusses how such applications anticipate modifications in the management of users’ right to privacy, by harnessing both anonymity and knowledge of identity – aspects generally identified with P2P networks and social networks, respectively – depending on the different functionalities and layers of the application.

Revue de projet: Turbulences

Ce projet, nommé Turbulences et labellisé Cap Digital, a pour objectif de produire une technologie qui « créera un écosystème où de nombreux réseaux sociaux interopérables pourront éclore, tout en proposant à l’internaute de faire respecter sa vie privée autant que possible. »

La présentation du projet Turbulences est disponible ici.

Mots-clefs: réseaux sociaux, vie privée

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