Commotion & Serval – de l’utilité des réseaux MESH

Expliquer clairement la manière dont fonctionnent des “architectures distribuées mobiles” est souvent affaire complexe… Qui plus est, les différentes formes de routage de réseaux Wi-Fi Ad-hoc (par inondation, par “nœuds fixes” annuaires, via le protocole OLSR – Optimized Link State Routing, etc.) font souvent en sorte qu’expliquer ces “infrastructures réseaux” devient un exercice pénible et  technique. Commotion et Serval, deux logiciels permettant d’établir des réseaux MESH (Metro Scale Ad-Hoc Network), des architectures distribuées mobiles en d’autres termes, viennent de sortir des vidéos expliquant clairement le service qu’ils souhaitent déployer grâce à leurs logiciels et les projets qu’ils mènent à travers le monde.

Pour Serval, il s’agit de

Serval is a telecommunications system comprised of at least two mobile phones that are able to work outside of regular mobile phone tower range due thanks to the Serval App and Serval Mesh. Some of the most exciting benefits of this are:

COMMUNICATE ANYTIME: Mobile phones stop working when cellular infrastructure fails. The Serval Mesh changes this, allowing mobile phones to form impromptu networks consisting only of phones. This allows people nearby to keep communicating when needed most.

COMMUNICATE ANYWHERE: Cellular networks are not available everywhere. In Australia for example, around 75% of the land area lacks mobile coverage. Letting mobile phones form stand-alone networks provides a cost-effective solution for communities in these remote areas to enjoy mobile communications.

COMMUNICATE PRIVATELY: In this modern world private conversation with friends, families and service providers is vital, whether discussing medical issues or other private subjects. The Serval Mesh is built on a foundation engineered to support security. Voice calls and text messages are always end-to-end encrypted using strong 256-bit ECC cryptography. Encrypted calls work even on low-cost Android phones.

COMMUNICATE WITHE PEOPLE: The Serval Mesh is about enabling people to communicate with one another, regardless of what circumstances may befall them, or where they live in the world. Because at the end of the day, relationship with one another is what life is all about.

Pour Commotion, il s’agit de quelque chose de différent:

Commotion Wireless is a mesh network, designed to run independently with smartphones, computers, routers, and other devices. It’s also a community network. Digital Stewards guide their neighborhoods onto their own wireless services, with New America’s Open Technology Institute sharing tools and resources with them.


François Huguet

PhD student in Communication Studies at the Codesign Lab & Media Studies at Telecom ParisTech. Supervisor: Annie Gentès / Co-supervisor: Jérôme Denis

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