Les nouveaux “méga-silos” qui fragmentent l’Internet

Le “futuriste” Bruce Sterling parle à Alexis C. Madrigal de The Atlantic, le 27 décembre 2012,  des raisons pour lesquelles, en 2012, parler de “l’Internet” n’a plus beaucoup de sens à son avis.

Your technology will work perfectly within the silo and with an individual stacks’s (temporary) allies. But it will be perfectly broken at the interfaces between itself and its competitors.

That moment where you are trying to  do something that has no reason not to work, but it just doesn’t and there is no way around it without changing some piece of your software to fit more neatly within the silo?

That’s gonna happen a lot: 2013 as the year of tactically broken bridges.

Lire la suite: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/12/bruce-sterling-on-why-it-stopped-making-sense-to-talk-about-the-internet-in-2012/266674/


Francesca Musiani

Chercheuse postdoctorale, MINES ParisTech Yahoo! Fellow in Residence, Georgetown University

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